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McGarry Ranches

If you wish to experience the lifestyle of the American Cowboy with a legitimate cattle outfit, riding daily on an American Quarter Horse then here is what we are and what we offer.

Daily we ride through the stock making sure the pairs (cow/calf) are together. That the mothers are taking care of their offspring and the calves are taking nourishment from their moms. We will rope and doctor, in the open, any of the stock that are sick or injured. We will track and gather any strays that have broken out of their grazing units and trail (drive) them back to where they belong. Locate the break in the fence or the open gate and repair the fence or close the gate. Trail parts of the herd to new pastures for range management. Put out salt, ride fence, sort in the open when cattle need to be separated. Locate calves that have become separated from their mothers and get them back together.

Usually we will visit more than one unit in a day as the cattle are scattered over 55,000 acres. There will be times when we gather, trail and sort cattle with other ranches. A chance for you to work with other cowboy crews.

This is a working cattle ranch. We do the work off ranch broke Quarter Horses much the same as cowboys did in the 1800's. Come out and ride with the McGarry Ranch crew!